Ad of the Week, Renault BeLux, ‘Ultimate Speed Date’, Publicis Brussels

This week’s Ad of the Week was produced by Publicis Brussels for Renault Benelux. According to the YouTube blurb, “This is speed dating in every sense of the word and these are real “speed daters” in search of their soul mate”. Sadly, ‘every sense of the world’ doesn’t extend to the amphetamine sense of the word ‘speed’, but we still get a great ad featuring a woman taking unsuspecting men out for a few emasculating laps around a race track. We’re looking forward to the next instalment in which a man takes a woman out on a date and pretends he’s going to kill her for laughs? Or maybe not. Now why does that sound so ridiculous? Anyway, great work from Publicis Brussels.


Campaign Name: The Ultimate Speed Date by Clio R.S. Advertiser: Renault Belux
Client Contact: Xavier Laporta, Aline Hoffmann, Miguel Aguza

Date of First Appearance: 29/04/2013 Media: YouTube, TV

Executive Creative Director: Paul Servaes Creative director: Tom Berth, Geert De Rocker Art director: Fabien Hujeux
Copywriter: Louis Haffreingue
Client Services Director: Denis Henet
Account director: Francis Lippens
Account manager: Julie Oostvogels
Agency producer: Marc Van Buggenhout

Production: Lovo Films Producer: Bert Brulez Director: Nicolas Galoux DOP: Patrick Otten Postproduction: ComPost

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