Day 2/3 Review of the US Digital Content New Fronts 2013

The last few days of the Digital Content New Fronts 2013 have returned the focus to content, so this time around we have rolled the ad tech/data and content announcements into one post. Here’s an overview of the latest offerings from AOL and YouTube:


The big ad tech announcement from Day 2 of the New Fronts was undoubtedly announcement of the partnership between Mediaocean, Freewheel and AOL to offer video/TV buying via one platform (see full story on VAN and keep an eye out for an upcoming in depth interview with Freewheel Co-CEO Jon Heller).

AOL Dumps Go Viral Brand, Introduces ‘Be On’

AOL has announced it is dumping the slightly dated ‘Go Viral’ brand and incorporated the distribution platform into ‘Be On’, a solution that also focuses on content production.  According to an AOL statement, the service will provide:

  • Production: Marketers will have access to AOL’s two HD studios, an award-winning creative services team and partnerships with some of the top names in the production business to create high-quality videos. Marketers can leverage AOL’s brand-building experience and consumer insights to develop video that audiences love and brands want to be aligned with.
  • Distribution: As the #1 premium curated video platform on the Web, which gets over 724M videos views each month,* the AOL On Network has proven the power of syndication. Contextually matching videos to content on the page, AOL On Network’s syndication platform allows marketers to build a strong, organic audience for content through distribution on AOL’s owned-and-operated sites and partner sites.
  • Measurement: The AOL On Network’s advertiser dashboard provides marketers with real-time campaign insights, including shares, views, impressions, demo-based insights and more.
  • Across All Screens: AOL On content runs across all devices, including mobile, tablet and connected TV.

 Read AOL Release in Full>


Rather than choosing to ape TV, YouTube finally showed a little more self-confidence and maturity by choosing to show off what YouTube does best, with the focus on community, culture and innovative homegrown (or home-made, formats).  Here are some of the highlights from Machinima and celebrities such as Jay Z below (some browsers struggle with embedded YouTube playlists, so click here to watch on YouTube):

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