Brightroll Claim Fastest Video RTB Solution, Tapjoy Trades Engagement for Movies

Equinix, an interconnection and data center company, and BrightRoll, a video ad platform, today announced they are launching ‘VideoRTB+’, which they describe as ‘an ultra-low-latency video advertising real-time bidding (RTB) solution. In addition, Equinix and BrightRoll will work together to promote and build Equinix’s Ad-IX ecosystem, which connects ad exchanges with ad markets for more efficient video advertising.

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Tapyjoy to Exchange Engagement for Free Movies

Tapjoy, a mobile advertising and publishing platform, and Popcornflix, a movie streaming platform owned by Screen Media Ventures, today announced availability of PopcornflixGOLD, a new free-to-use, feature length film content app for Android, that will make than 400 high-quality movies available on a free-to-use model.

Users can download PopcornflixGOLD at Google Play and earn virtual rewards—called “FlixPoints”—by engaging with the in-app advertising. In turn, users spend their “FlixPoints” within the app to watch feature length movies. 

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Fast Web Media Release UK Multiscreening Data

Fast Web Media have taken a look at some multi-screening trends of UK internet users and advertisers in 2013, and the resulting data provides some insights into the current trends in UK advertising, as well as the success rate of different multi-screening advertising campaigns.

Multiscreener Activity

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