Videoplaza Launches ‘Karbon Data Alliance’, Enhances Data Management and Integration

Videoplaza KarbonVideoplaza has launched ‘Karbon 2’, the latest version of their sell-side video ad management platform, which they say has been designed to allow media owners to manage and monetise their audience data more effectively. Videoplaza is also introducing the ‘Karbon Data Alliance’, a network of data partners that will include Nugg.Ad, Bluekai, Enreach, Eyeota and Meetrics, who will providing added data, analysis, and segmentation.

Sorosh Tavakoli, CEO of Videoplaza, said: “We predict that audience buying will be 30 per cent of total IP video ad spend by 2015, equating to a value of €2B in US and Europe. Karbon 2 allows video publishers and broadcasters to sell in this way, demonstrating the value of audiences to advertisers who are, as a result, able to target consumers more precisely and effectively.”

Videoplaza say many media owners today fail to segment their audiences to capitalise on the data available, which can be used to sell audiences location, interest and demographic data. However, the company says the buy-side has moved more quickly, with advertisers have moved more quickly to use data to buy media audiences by using information extracted from media owner sites, as well as first party data gleaned from the advertisers own site, meaning they often know more about the audience than the media owner.

Karbon 2’s new features include (following quoted directly from press release):

·         Karbon Data Alliance – a global alliance of best-of-breed data management platforms, selected for their reach and market leadership across Europe and Asia, providing third-party data and audience segmentation. Partners include Nugg.Ad, Meetrics, Enreach, Eyeota, Bluekai, and new partners will be added on an ongoing basis

·         Karbon Audience Management – unique, ‘cookieless’ cross-device targeting based upon audience segmentation – making media owners’ 1st and 3rd party audience data monetisable within Karbon 2 to drive higher CPMs, and greater sell-through by being able to target non-endemic advertisers

·         Karbon Insight – a flexible, real-time reporting and business intelligence tool capable of producing 10,000s of report combinations, which can be shared with external users such as advertisers, and built using the latest big data technologies

Stephan Noller, CEO of Nugg.Ad, one of Videoplaza’s leading European Data Alliance Partners, said, “Without a radical change in their thinking, media owners risk losing revenues if they don’t start to arm up with the same kind of data as buyers. We’re delighted to be working with Videoplaza in their Data Alliance help empower media owners activate and monetise our audience data through Karbon 2.”

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