Smartclip Launches Private Exchange Platform for Video Publishers

SmartclipSmartclip, Adconion’s video platform, has just launched the ‘SmartX’, which enables publishers to plug into programmatic demand for video advertising. The SmartX Platform has been launched across the US, Europe and Australia, and allows publishers to control how they sell, whether through RTB or programmatic direct, guaranteed inventory — including for mobile and connected TV.

Smartclip built SmartX from the ground up over the last 18 months and say the platform will offer advanced yield optimisation capabilities capable of enhancing revenue opportunities for publishers, while also allowing for the control and protection of publisher data.

Display Methodology Falls Flat for Premium and Video

Ricky McClellen, CTO at Smartclip, said, “The efficiency of RTB clearly supports the concept of automated trading, yet the solutions to protect the commercial aspects of the transactions have been limited up to this point. Most platforms have simply adopted the auction strategy of performance display RTB without focusing on the commercial strategies for both premium content and video advertising. The SmartX Platform provides an optimised solution for all aspects of RTB while eliminating the risks involved in enabling automated access to video inventory.”

Roland Schaber, COO and co-founder at Smartclip, said SmartX is a response to the increasing demand from clients for programmatic access to premium inventory. “Leveraging our Digital Distribution Platform from Adconion and including the fully integrated technology stack that allows for programmatic access to multiscreen video and branding inventory creates an unparalleled efficiency for the trading of advertising inventory while providing the protection that premium publishers, application developers and content owners require”, he said.

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