Addressable TV is Bridging Gap Between TV and Programmatic Advertising, Say SpotXchange

SpotXchange hosted a panel at this week’s Advertising Week Europe, titled ‘Future TV’, which questioned the idea of whether automated buying would transform the TV media buying landscape in the same the way TV it has online? VAN caught up with Andrew Moore, MD for SpotXchange Europe, who explained why he thinks the recent advancements in addressable TV advertising, led in the UK by broadcasters like BSkyB and Virgin Media, have brought TV advertising more in to line with what’s happening with video online.

SpotXchange has also introduced some new new transparency and control features for publishers this week, including:

  • Bid Activity Report: Publishers can now identify the segments of inventory that are in highest demand based on advertisers’ bid activity regardless of whether bids are above or below the publishers’ floor price.
  • Price Floor Optimisation: Based on signals and insights from the bid activity report, the new tools will provide visual cues that indicate level of demand for their video inventory in relation to their price floor. This information will help publishers make more informed decisions to raise or lower their price floors, and in turn, make the most money for their inventory.
  •  Pricing Rules: Publishers now have a way to establish “if-then” business rules that can automatically charge a premium for their top-quality placements, or a discount for the inventory with less demand, without the need for physically segmenting their video inventory and creating multiple tags.  The SpotXchange platform will dynamically change ask prices based on certain characteristics of the ad opportunity including player size, region, URL and advertiser among other things.

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