Vevo to Launch ‘Vevo TV’, A Multiplatform Linear Channel

Vevo TVWhile people in digital love to point the finger at TV executives who are slow to unbundle content and deliver content across multiple devices, we rarely talk about the possibility of the online video players going in the opposite direction and offering linear channels. Yet the reality is that many people really do like having content decisions made for them and not having to think about what they’re going to watch. 

This is something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by Vevo, the music video site created by Universal Music and Sony Music, who will soon be launching ‘Vevo TV’, a 24-hour linear music-oriented digital channel. The channel will run music video premieres, live concerts and music-themed original shows and will be available across multiple platforms and devices, including iOS, Android and Windows mobile, and on OTT/connected services such as Microsoft’s Xbox and Roku boxes. 

Vevo has been hugely successful on YouTube, and the move will help the company create a more independent and possibly more profitable brand. Rio Caraeff, Vevo’s CEO told the Financial Times. “It’s really about a return to how it used to be. What we’ve learned is that there’s a time and a place for on-demand and there’s also a time and a place for a programmed, linear experience.”

The channel will be ad-funed – State Farm and McDonald’s have been confirmed as launch sponsors for the US, although it is also believed that a subscription option hasn’t been taken off the table.


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