12.5 Million Mobile Video RTB Streams Available Daily in UK, Say Tubemogul

TubemogulWhile we love talking about scale in digital advertising, it isn’t always easy to identify when a channel, or part of a channel, crosses over from ‘no scale’ to ‘scale’. Perhaps it’s just a question of being able to satisfy the demands of the larger brand advertiser. Or perhaps it’s a question of having a sufficiently large group of people, that applying targeting within that group becomes effective and worthwhile. One area of video advertising in the UK that appears to have a reasonable level of scale is mobile video RTB, which has finally started to generate some impressive numbers — over 12.5 million mobile video streams were available to buy in the UK on via RTB each day throughout February, according to Tubemogul, a buy-side video ad platform. TubeMogul released the data alongside to coincide with the recent launch of its new smartphone and tablet video advertising formats.

Tubemogul say their approach will match their current online offering in terms of offering buyers complete transparency. “All too often, mobile advertising is a black box where marketers are not sure what they are buying and have trouble reaching audiences in meaningful numbers”, says Brett Wilson CEO and Co-Founder of TubeMogul. “To solve these challenges, we offer centralised buying of top inventory where advertisers control what apps they run in and see performance results in real-time”.

Mobile Video RTB in the UK


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