Videohub Launches New ‘Effective Quality’ Score for Video Ad Placements

VideohubVideoHub, a division of Tremor Video, has launched a new quality score for video advertising. Videohub say their ‘eQ score’ — eQ stands for ‘Effective Quality’ — is ‘a patent-pending formula’ capable of working out which impressions are likely to catch and retain people’s attention. Videohub say the eQ is the first scoring method of its kind and is the only measurement tool that weighs viewability throughout an ad’s duration, player size, and completion rate.

The eQ is then used to evaluate how ads performed across various publishers/ad networks/exchanges etc. eQ also tries to assesses how far the budget goes with each media buy, and provides what Videohub call the ‘true’ cost of the media i.e. (eQ CPM) vs. the actual CPM.

The following chart illustrates what VideoHub customers will see in their analytics dashboard (click to enlarge):


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