IAB Introduces Five New ‘Rising Stars’ Video Ad Units

IAB-LogoThe US branch of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has revealed the five winning Digital Video Rising Stars from its first-ever ‘Digital Video Rising Stars competition’. The IAB uses the Rising Stars competitions to create new, more innovative ad units for online advertising and similar competitions have been held in the past for display and mobile ads. Once a Rising Stars unit has been selected, it goes through a testing process and, if successful, it will be be incorporated into the IAB’s range of standardised ad units.

The winning Digital Video Rising Star in-stream and linear interactive digital video ad product concepts are (refresh the page if videos aren’t visible):


Description:  Scrollable, multipanel, horizontal unit, much like “The Filmstrip” Display and Mobile Standard Ad Units.

Why Selected:  Richly engaging experience with tons of content possibilities delivered in page with users fully in control.

Ad Control Bar

Description:  Sitting above the player controls, an elegant interface allowing viewers to engage in multiple ways, if they so choose.

Why Selected: Allows any ad to be interactive without affecting video ad content.


Description:  Rich ad content overlaid on video, changing in sync with video ad content.

Why Selected:  Targets and invites interaction at the most appropriate moments.


Description:  Allows viewer to choose to continue viewing ad content.

Why Selected:  Provides opportunity for deep video engagement, with permission.

Full Screen

Description: Invites viewer to interact and then fills player with a full canvas of interaction possibilities including more video, social and catalogs, among other features.

Why Selected:  Allows for an immersive, in-page ad experience, with users in control.

The winning submitters included CBS Interactive, Celtra, DG MediaMind, DoubleClick, Innovid, Jivox, Microsoft Advertising, Mixpo, Spongecell, Tremor Video, Yahoo! and YuMe. These companies will now collaborate with IAB, the Agency Working Group and video ad ops experts over the next 90-120 days to create detailed specifications for the units to run across screens and players.

Each of the in-player units are VAST and VPAID compliant, with an emphasis placed on the format’s behavior within the player, regardless of device.

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