Channel 4 to Ramp Up Data-Driven Advertising on 4oD

Channel 4Channel 4 has announced the launch of a new ‘commercial data initiative’ which will allow them to offer advertisers sub-demographic targeting on its 4oD VOD service by using its database of 6 million registered users. However, first Channel 4 will to begin a month long selection process to secure 12 data partners to form a ‘pioneer group’ for the first stage of th initiative. Interestingly, half of 4oD’s partners will be completely new to digital advertising.

The partners will have to develop solutions that reach a broad range of client categories and demographics to deliver on key criteria for Channel 4 such as minimum investment, campaign flight and demographic targeting.

However, Channel 4 haven’t set out to replicate impression level RTB buying, and the broadcaster’s focus will continue to be on offering scale and reach for brands. The end goal is for advertisers to be able to buy the same audiences on 4oD that they currently buy on TV e.g. 16-34, ABC1 and Housewives audiences. During this first stage, Channel 4 will invest in a number of case studies to evaluate campaign effectiveness, incremental reach and greater insight into video on demand (VOD) user behaviour as well as access to Channel 4’s viewer research panel.

Recently Channel 4 launched interactive ad format called ‘Adapt’, which allows advertisers to target advertising to users in 4oD’s database, based upon their age, gender and location. For example, an advertiser will now be able to serve targeted ads to the end user, referencing the right products and a more local store location based upon Channel 4’s data.

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