Innovid Says Adding Interactivity Doubles Engagement Rate

InnovidInnovid, a video ad platform, say that using engagement the engagement rate than those who didn’t (note: interactive ads are an Innovid speciality and the research was conducted in-house). Innovid say that campaigns running standard pre-roll ads saw an average 1.21% engagement rate and 69.59% completion rate; while campaigns with interactive ads saw a 3.09% engagement rate and 71.58% completion rate.

Innovid studied over 900 campaigns in Q4 2012, looking at ads served to over 1000 premium publishers and ad networks across various international markets. Other findings from the Innovid Interactive Video Advertising Benchmarks: Q4 2012 report include:

  • 15 second slots saw the highest completion rate at 74.41%, versus 30 second slots that delivered a 68.91%
  • Consumers however are more likely to engage with longer form content, clicking-in at 2.99% rate on 30-second units versus 2.01% on 15-second slots
  • Interactive campaigns recorded a 44.54% awareness rate, while pre-roll displayed only a 17.57%
  • iRoll Apps provided an average 1.01%, making it a great resource for advertisers with backend goals
  • iRoll Expand delivered an additional 27.37 seconds in time earned on average, providing marketers with brand goals an efficient vehicle to engage with consumers and maximize media budgets

Innovid also presented data for particular verticals for its own iRoll Apps and Expand formats, including:

  • iRoll Expand units commanded the highest Engagement Rate across the board, with the Entertainment category garnering rates as high as 6.7%, followed by Pharma at 6.08%, and CPG at 4.02%
  • iRoll Expand units also recorded the highest time earned for marketers, with Movie Studios receiving an additional 36.22 seconds per impression, trailed by Finance at 36.21 seconds, and Telecom with 30.46
  • When it comes to Completion Rates, the Beauty industry captivated consumers the longest with both iRoll Expand and Apps campaign showing an 85.71% and 85.67% rate respectively
  • iRoll Apps for Telecom and Pharma categories delivered a 1.68% and 1.34% click-thru rate, while plain Pre-roll units came in third place at 1.21%

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