The 2013 Super Bowl Round-Up – All the Ads on One Page

Super Bowl advertising has become something of an American institution, which is an impressive feat when you consider the bad rap advertising gets for most of the year. Many of the ads are similar to what you’d typically find elsewhere in the world, but some – like the Super Bowl itself – are uniquely American. The ads make use of all the usual weapons in the creative agencies’ armory — humour, sex and sentimentality, with just a little dash of Team America-esque patriotism for good measure.

Doritos, “Goat 4 Sale”

Jeep, “Whole Again”

Budweiser, “Brotherhood”

The NFL, “Leon Sandcastle”

Dodge Ram, “Farmer”

M&M’s, “Love Ballad”

Samsung, “The Next Big Thing”

Hyundai, “Epic Playdate with the Flaming Lips”

Mercedes, “Soul”

Tide, “Miracle Stain”

Iron Man 3 trailer

Best Buy, “Asking Amy”

Toyota, “Wish Granted”

GoDaddy, “”

Star Trek Into Darkness trailer

GoDaddy, “Sexy Meets Smart”

Budweiser Black Crown: “Coronation”

Audi, “Prom”

Hyundai, “Team”

Pepsi Next, “Party”

Oreo, “Cream or Cookie”

Hyundai, “Stuck”

Coca-Cola, “Mirage”

Volkswagen, “Get In. Get Happy.”

Doritos, “Fashionista Daddy”

Taco Bell, “Viva Young”

Century 21, “Wedding”

eTrade, “Save It”

Axe Apollo, “Lifeguard”

Speed Stick, “Unattended Laundry”

Mio, “Change”

Kia, “Respect the Tech”

Gildan, “Favorite T-shirt”

Wonderful Pistachios, “Crackin’ Gangnam Style”

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