Google Adds Three New Metrics to Adwords for Video

Adwords for VideoGoogle have introduced three new measurement features to AdWords for Video in an attempt to make reporting more goal-oriented and comparable with other media. Advertisers will now be able to report on reach and frequency, allowing for insights into how many unique viewers have seen an ad and the average number of times they’ve seen it, so campaigns can be measured against other media such as TV.

Buyers will be able to generate reports on the standard brand engagement metrics, but will also be able to measure on Google-specific products such as whether/how audiences interact with a brand’s YouTube channel:

  • Branding objectives – via unique viewers, average view frequency and average impression frequency.
  • Conversions – via website traffic, number of conversions, cost-per-conversion, and conversion rate from people who viewed a given ad.
  • Audience growth  – to understand how an ads drove people to watch and engage with the content, including follow-on subscribers and follow-on views.
  • Views – to understand the follow-on actions viewers take such as going to a channel to watch more videos on a brand’s channel.


Finally, Google have introduced geomaps to help advertisers find out if ads are resonating with specific markets. “Map View” creates an interactive map which (in most countries) drills down to states and provinces, and to the DMA-level in the U.S.


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