Ad of the Week: Adobe Beats Down Measurement Myths with Metrics

AdobeThis week’s Ad of the Week is sponsored by Adobe, who – in case you haven’t noticed – have been running what must be the most high profile and ambitious ad campaign ever run by a company in the ad tech space. Adobe has bet big on digital marketing over the last few years with a succession of high profile acquisitions which it has been integrating into a unified digital marketing ‘stack’ for use by both the buy-side and the sell-side.

However, ad tech has always presented a dilemma for those responsible for marketing it: just how do you give products based around things like data and analytics a bit of colour and personality? Adobe have nailed it with a series of ads that focus less on the products themselves and focus on the people who need them.

The digital marketing world is exceptionally susceptible to buzzwords, and that world there’s no one sector more riddled with vague, meaningless jargon than social media. Every agency should have one of these BS detectors:

Second up is the story of a robot who is about to be let go to make way for Adobe’s Analytics, highlighting the difference between simply performing a digital headcount and providing meaningful engagement data:

Finally, how many people in online marketing haven’t found themselves in a meeting or at an event where they haven’t had similar fantasies:

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Ad of the Week