Sony Partner with Ensequence for Connected TV Ads

Sony EnsequenceEnsequence and Sony Electronics are to embed Ensequence’s platform software across all Sony Connected TVs, which they say will enable more scalable contextual programming and advertising. The partnership finally answers questions about how Sony would deliver ads on its connected TV platform. Ensequence’s tech will allow Sony to deliver clickable display ads, landing pages, product request forms, coupons and surveys. Audiences can also see promotional “bugs” on their screens that they click to launch content related to the ad or show they are watching.

“Television viewers are craving and demanding more immersive and active experiences with their favorite TV programming,” said Nick Colsey, Vice President of Sony Electronics’ Business Development Division. “As market leaders with Auto Content Recognition (ACR) capabilities fully integrated into its connected HDTVs, Sony is excited to deliver Ensequence’s enhancements to viewers, not only unlocking new content now, but creating a viable platform for programming producers to push the envelope in viewer engagement.”

On the programming side, Ensequence’s technology enables TV to become more interactive TV with things such as polls, trivia games and social functionality. Beginning in the first quarter of 2013, all new Sony TVs will ship with Ensequence platform software and owners of the Sony 2011-12 model Connected TVs will be able to update their software.

[Update: VAN has received confirmation that the deal will not extend to Playstation inventory]

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