Using Social Media to Cover for Lack of Original Thought (The Onion)

While there are undoubtedly companies offering real value to brands by taking a scientific, ROI-driven approach to social media — and it’s worth noting the social video companies are leading the way in this area — it’s also no secret that the space has attracted a disproportionately large number of charlatans. At best, these people genuinely believe that knowing how to use Facebook or LinkedIn counts as a skill and often have no experience of other forms of marketing, so KPIs and ROI might not even be on their radar. At worst, they’re deeply cynical people who are willing to charge consultancy rates for what essentially amounts to form-filling.

Either way, social media gurus have been grating for anyone who knows how to use Facebook to listen to. Now The Onion has set the gurus in their sights with their latest Ted parody talk, ‘Using Social Media to Cover for Lack of Original Thought’. Enjoy:

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