Ad of the Week, Metro Trains, ‘Dumb Ways to Die’, McCann Melbourne

Dumb Ways to DieThis week’s Ad of the Week was a struggle. Sadly, the problem wasn’t that we were spoilt for choice in the run up to Christmas — the main problem was that most of the Christmas ads have been lame, unimaginative, or — in trying to reach out to mums — were accused of being sexist. Even Coke fell flat this year, with an ad featuring a giant Santa Claus puppet which people on a bleak housing estate use to kidnap old ladies.

In fairness to this year’s John Lewis ad, it was an excellent ad but we couldn’t help feel a tinge of disappointment, if only because last year’s ad was so much better. So this week we simply looked at what was working virally, and at the top of the Viral Video Charts is the incredibly loveable ‘Dumb Ways to Die’, produced by McCann Melbourne for Metro Trains. Extra marks should go to McCann for not only creating a beautifully animated ad with a catchy theme tune, but also managing to persuade young people to share a video with a safety message.

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