BrightRoll Introduces Ad Skipping Functionality with ‘SmartView’

BrightrollBrightRoll, a video ad platform, today announced the availability of ‘BrightRoll SmartView’, a video ad unit that is designed to give the viewer the choice to watch or skip a video ad. Brightroll say skippable ads provide better value for advertisers as they have the option of only paying only for completed views. The skippable ad unit is available throughout the BrightRoll network which the company says reaches more than 200 million viewers globally across thousands of brand-safe sites.

“BrightRoll SmartView enables advertisers to target viewers at-scale and run effective campaigns that reach the right audience with the right message,” said Tod Sacerdoti, CEO and founder, BrightRoll. “This format presents a unique opportunity to advertisers to pay only for views rather than the traditional CPM model. It works particularly well for advertisers with compelling creative, such as TV show promotions or movie trailers, and long-form content.”

VAN asked earlier in the year whether skippable ads would become an industry standard, and the addition of Brightroll to the list of vendors offering ad-skipping suggests that we’re reaching a point where it’s looking less like a temporary YouTube experiment and is something that’s here to stay.

It’s going to be interesting to see the affect ad-skipping has on creativity in advertising. Will we start to see more ads being designed specifically for the web rather than using the usual repurposed TV creatives? And will every ad have to squeeze a scantily-clad model, a special offer, or an hilarious joke into the first five seconds?

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