ITV Launches New ITV Player, Abandons Ads for Archive Content

ITV PlayerITV today unveiled its new ITV Player which will allow users to access ITV’s vast content archive on a pay per view (and ad free) basis. Traditional catch-up content will remain free and available at no charge, and will sit alongside the archive content. Viewers will be able to choose between having a 30 day advertising funded catch-up for free, but will have to register to access 8-30 day catch-up content.

One interesting experiment — and one that reflects the changing role of online towards being regarded as more than just a repository for catch up — will be a trial in which programmes are premiered online. Viewers the chance to watch the next episode of a series straight away without having to wait for the episode to be broadcast on linear channels.

James Micklethwait, Online Product Director at ITV said: “Our all new ITV Player is a huge step forward in offering our viewers not only an improved catch-up experience but also the chance to access a wider range of ITV’s rich mix of programming, on demand, for a competitive price. We see this as offering our viewers a little bit extra for a little bit extra, and look forward to evolving and improving the new Player going forward.”


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