Adpoints to Offer Loyalty Card Points in Exchange for Engagment with Video Ads

AdpointsAdpoints have launched a video ad platform that will offer people loyalty card points in return for watching and interacting with online video ads. The London-based company believe that rewarding consumers for watching ads is the secret to creating the conditions for deeper engagement, which they say also provides additional opportunities for brands to acquire insights about how their ads are received and affect sales.

Loyalty card giant Nectar will be the first partner, which will allow members to collect Nectar points each time they watch an entire ad; but Adpoints say they intend to announce additional partnerships in the near future. Consumers will get points for watching ads, but will also have the opportunity to collect additional points by answering questions about the ad they have viewed, and can get more again if they click through to the brand’s website.

Adpoints say video ads can be served based on demographic information, or the ads can be self-selected from a scrolling carousel on the site. The company has also developed tech that requires users to actively signal their attention and rate each video ad that they watch. That data can then be used by advertisers to track ad recall, brand awareness, sentiment and purchase intention.

The early trials Adpoints have run have shown promise. A three point beta trial they ran with Nectar found:

  • Out of 6,500 members recruited; on average, 73% of the base was active each month
  • The beta trial generated over 860,000 views – an average of 61 views per month per member
  • After viewing an ad, members were invited to answer two questions around subjects including ad recall, brand awareness, brand favourability and future purchase intention. Over 90% of all ad views resulted in a viewer answering these questions
  • Over 50% of all ad views delivered a click through to the advertiser’s site: 57% of members clicked to find out more about the product, 34% to seek offers, 29% to research price, 19% to interact with the brand and 17% to find out where to buy

The Adpoints management team is interesting in that their backgrounds that are slightly different to what you’d typically find at a video ad network, featuring people with backgrounds in data, media and loyalty including: CEO and founder Jason Froggett, a former head of consumer CRM at Dell and board member at database marketing company DLG; non-executive chairman Terry Hunt, who was a vital part of the team that set up Tesco Clubcard.

The other co-founders are COO Sue Nelson, former group data director at DLG; CIO Jonathan Dunham, previously MD of Kingdom Management Group; and advertising operations director Richard Webster, ex- communications director at DLG.

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