BlackArrow Launch New Tech to Dynamically Insert Ads into Linear TV Streams

BlackArrowBlackArrow, a multiplatform TV ad tech provider, has launched new technology that they say helps to bridge the gap between traditional linear TV ad sales and ad delivery to other platforms. BlackArrow previewed a new set of services, collectively called ‘Linear Extensions for Dynamic Ad Insertion’, which are designed enable TV companies to dynamically insert ads into linear streams when those streams are IP-delivered. Put simply, when a linear TV stream is being delivered to an iPad, for example, the broadcaster has the option of inserting a more targeted ad.

The BlackArrow technology also enables TV operators to manage linear schedules, linear placement opportunities, ad decisioning, subscriber and zone information services. When it comes to delivering ads, users can choose either:

·       Linear Replication, which dynamically inserts ads ins to replicate, on tablets and IP devices, the original linear TV ads on tablets and IP devices; or

·       Linear Addressability, which combines subscriber information from the ‘BlackArrow Subscriber Information Service’ product and real-time dynamic ad insertion to deliver household-addressable linear TV advertising to any platform.

“Monetizing live and time-shifted television across multiple screens should not require individual silos for each platform,” said Joe Matarese, CTO of BlackArrow.  “BlackArrow’s new Linear Extensions, coupled with the sophisticated business rule and policy definition capabilities of our placement opportunity information service, provide multichannel video programming distributors with a single, standards-based platform for all of their multiscreen advertising needs.”

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