Worth a Look: Are Havas Next in Line for a Takeover?

HavasThere was an interesting piece over on Bloomberg Businessweek speculating about how French billionaire, Vincent Bollore, who owns 37 percent of Havas, may be willing to sell the agency. Earlier this year Ballore agreed to sell his stake in Aegis Group Plc when it was sold to Dentsu for almost $5 billion in July, and investment bank Liberum Capita believes the $2 billion firm could be of interest to Publicis Groupe or even Dentsu as they seek to compete with the media buying might of WPP.  Ian Whittacker, a media analyst at Liberum in London, told Businessweek:

“If you look at consolidation in the space, then Havas is a key firm to be acquired, despite its European weighting. It would fit someone looking for scale, and there are very few mid-size agencies out there right now.”

You can read the full article here.

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