How YouTube’s New Quiz Feature Could Be Useful for Brands

YouTubeYouTube are currently trialling a new feature that could allow video producers to add surveys to videos, as spotted by Websonic, a Dutch tech site. The quiz option – currently in beta – can be set up to ask multiple questions that are displayed on top of their video during playback that a viewer can answer, and all data from the quiz is then funnelled into YouTube’s analytics dashboard.

Such a feature would throw up numerous possibilities for advertising and branded content, where agencies and advertisers could:

– Get feedback on creatives before the campaign goes live

– Run competitions

– When running A/B tests on different ads, the self-reported data could add an additional more qualitative dimension when measuring engagement.

However, at this stage YouTube still haven’t confirmed whether the feature is going to be something they’re definitely going to keep, but at first glance it looks like something many would find useful. Thinking a little more outside of the box, it could be very interesting to see the survey feature being integrated with other Google products such as Adwords and DFA, whereby users who provide certain responses could be automatically segmented and added to remarketing lists.

YouTube Quiz Feature

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