Connected TV Market Fragmented But Growing at ‘Breakneck Pace’

Adrise LogoA report published by AdRise, a connected TV app development and monetisation company, says that the connected TV market is enjoying a huge surge in growth in spite of the problems posed by fragmentation. AdRise’s Connected TV Market Report analysed the data of thousands of connected TV viewers, monitoring usage and trends from over 100 apps playing over half a million hours of video per month.

Unsurprisingly, the industry remains a fragmented one as the number of devices – most of whom operate walled gardens when it comes to both apps and advertising – continues to proliferate.
Fragmented Connected TV Ecosystem

Other highlights from the report include:

Premium content dominates: connected TV is every bit as much of a lean-back experience as traditional television isn’t about short-form content and cat videos. Contrary to popular belief, long-form premium video content dominates CTV devices and established players such as Netflix, Amazon, Starz, HBO, ESPN have been leading the way in the US.

Connected TV ads enjoy high completion rates: Connected TV ads have an astounding 95% completion rate and long-form opt-in ads perform nearly as well.

Demographics: AdRise found that the pe is mainly highly educated, high-income viewers who are slightly more female than male. Also, 50% of CTV viewers are 27 years old or younger and 85% of CTV viewers are 47 years old or younger.

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