Short-Form Video and Online TV Viewers Prefer Ad-Supported Content

YuMeA study carried out by YuMe, a video ad network and ad platform, has found that connected TV viewers prefer ad-supported short-form content and streamed TV shows to pay per view and subscription models. The online survey of 736 connected TV owners and was conducted in conjunction with Frank N. Magid Associates, a research based consulting firm. For short form content, 59 percent preferred an ad-supported model, with 19 percent preferring a monthly subscription and 22 percent preferring pay per view.

In an interview with VAN, Travis Hockersmith, Senior Director, Client Strategy at YuMe, said, “It seems that consumers understand the value exchange that comes with advertising. You get good, high quality content for free and in return you see some advertising. People understand that and they’re okay with it, and it’s nice to see that play out in our research.”

Hockersmith also said the connected TV space is currently a bit like the online space was in its infancy. “People are telling us in this survey that they’re noticing ads and are willing to interact with the ads they see. It seems that consumers are still curious about connected TV and are exploring these new interfaces, so the advertisers who are first-movers into that environment are going to have a much more receptive audience than they’re likely to have three or four years down the road when the ad load increases in the space,” he added.

The survey also found that 90 percent of connected TV users notice ads on the platform, particularly pre-roll. The majority of those users said they had interacted with ads and nearly one-fifth of users have subsequently purchased a product as a result of an ad they’ve seen on connected TV.

Other findings from the report:

  • 30 percent of Internet-connected households have some form of connected TV
  • Nearly 90 percent of connected TV users (87 percent) say they notice ads on the platform
  • Specifically, the majority of connected TV users have noticed pre-roll ads (57 percent)
  • Nearly 70 percent of connected TV users (66 percent) are likely to interact with a relevant ad
  • Nearly 20 percent actually purchased a product mentioned in an ad they’ve seen on connected TV


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