Channel 4 Partner with Freewheel on VOD and Display Advertising

Channel 4Freewheel, a video technology company, have announced they have signed a multi-year agreement with Channel 4, a leading UK broadcaster, who will be using its ad management technology, Monetization Rights Management (MRM), to run their video and display ad operations. Freewheel’s MRM offers the features commonly associated with sell-side ad servers – such as inventory forecasting, ad serving, analytics – but also allows the user to control ad sales rights when content is displayed across multiple locations and/or there are multiple partners selling the inventory.

FreeWheel say Channel 4 will consolidate their ad operations for Channel 4, E4 and Film4 onto the MRM system to manage the ad rights for its 4oD video on demand service; display advertising across its network of websites; and the video content it syndicates to partner sites such as YouTube.

Channel 4, which has first right of sale of UKTV’s network content, will also use MRM to maximize yields for the UKTV’s VOD services and websites. With 215 million long-form video views in the first half of 2011, Channel 4 is the largest commercial broadcaster in the UK’s VOD market.

Freewheel currently works with Sky, ESPN, and Discovery International, and makes online revenue decisions for 70 percent of the standard US cable channel line-up.

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