Appatyze Partner with On Social In-App Video Advertising

Appatyze, Adap.tvThe launch of the Facebook Exchange last month illustrated how advertising on social platforms is starting to converge with rest of the ad exchange ecosystem, which currently consists mainly of display inventory, followed by video and mobile. However, in the absence of a Facebook video offering, the main source for video inventory on social platforms tends to come through social gaming.

Earlier today announced they’re partnering with Appatyze to use’s programmatic ad trading platform to support the buying and selling of video through their ad network, the Appatyze Marketplace. The deal will enable Appatyze’s Facebook app developers to open up their inventory to’s demand sources, while advertisers will gain access to a wider range of social gaming inventory.

James Rankin, CEO at Appatyze, said “Video advertising is becoming increasingly important as a revenue stream to Facebook developers. Adding video demand to the Appatyze MARKETPLACE means that Facebook developers can now get everything they need to acquire, retain and monetise their users under one roof. The partnership with means that Appatyze is the only Facebook advertising provider to provide click exchange, brand and video advertising services.”

Social games have become hugely popular on Facebook and are renowned throwing up interesting demgraphics can be found playing them (interesting infographic on social gamers). For instance, the average age of a social gamer is 43 (58% of players are over 40), are often well-educated, and women tend to outnumber men.

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