’s Campaign Optimizer Predicts Price and Performance have unveiled ‘Campaign Optimizer’ for video ad campaigns, which is designed to help buyers predict the results of a campaign before launch. Buyers first set their performance goals, and then Campaign Optimizer uses historical data to analyse billions of impressions to work out: (a) the real-time price; and (b) the inventory availability needed to achieve them. studied campaigns over a three-month period and say they found that on average, optimised campaigns delivered 30 percent higher completion rates and 21 percent lower cost per competed view (CPCV) than those that didn’t use their Campaign Optimizer.

 Helping Humans

While programmatic buying makes the buying process more efficient and hands over many aspects of campaign delivery to the machines, there’s still a role for humans too. And when setting up a campaign, many complex decisions rely on a combination of human trial and error and guesswork, which can be a little daunting when starting out with a new client.

Buyers typically input various types of media and data, but have no insight other than past campaign performance (assuming there are past campaigns and the buyer can be bothered to check the reports) into the trade-offs being made between price and performance.

With’s Campaign Optimizer, buyers can adjust performance goals for a specific ad, such as completion rate and level of distribution on preferred sites and see the immediate impact on price and available inventory.’s technology then allocates inventory that will best achieve the pre-set goals at the most efficient CPMs, while continuing to monitor the campaign to a successful completion.

Less Guesswork

“Buying media shouldn’t be a guessing game. Buyers need to see and understand the outcome of their campaigns in order to make intelligent decisions,” said Brian Fitzpatrick, managing director of in Europe. “’s Campaign Optimizer takes the mystery out of video advertising performance by providing media buyers with the information and tools they need to create the results they want.”

So is the process fully transparent in terms of where ads appear and whether autoplay ads are included? “Yes,” continued Fitzpatrick,  “Throughout the console buyers get site level reporting on ad delivery. Buyers can select to include or exclude sites with Autoplay, the performance of each can also be analysed.”’s Campaign Optimizer will be available to their platform and marketplace buyers in July 2012.

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