Agency Execs Regard Video as TV’s Equal, Say Brightroll

BrightRoll Digital Video 2012Sixty four percent of US agency executives regard online video advertising as being equal to TV, according to a study by Brightroll. The company’s ‘US Video Advertising Report 2012’, suggests that agencies are increasingly inclined to view ‘video as video’, regardless of the device the ad is delivered on.

Interestingly, price relative to TV advertising was of little importance to the respondents. This is a significant shift since advertising professionals are less concerned with the perceived high cost of online video as compared to last year’s survey. Advertisers have traditionally comapred online video with ohter digital advertising formats. This shift may indicate that as TV-sized audiences become reachable through digital video

Report Highlights

Of the aspects of online video advertising that agencies view as being the most valuable, targeting came out on top:

Targeting – 43%
Reach – 28%
Other – 11%
Format – 7%
Creative Reuse – 6%
Price – 3%

When asked what they thought would most encourage advertisers to increase online video advertising spending:

Clearer ROI – 41%
Clearer Success – 27%
Industry Standards – 17%
Lower Costs – 13%
Streamlined Serving – 3%

Download the Full Report Here.

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