Worth a Look: OMMA Panel on the Role of the GRP in Online Video

OMMA recently held a panel on the role of the GRP in online video and as you’d expect, the debate centred on whether the video industry needs to ape the world of TV so buyers can compare online video and TV buys as ‘apples and apples’ basis. If you don’t have time to sit through the entire panel, it’s worth skipping forward to 36:25, when a question from the floor is asked by Dean Mandel from Katz 360, who concisely articulates how online he think video should be sold.


Toby Gabriner, President of Adap.tv

Steve Kerho, SVP, Analytics, Media & Marketing Optimization, Organic,

Kenneth Lagana, Senior Vice President, Entertainment and Lifestyle, CBS Interactive

Kelly McEttrick, Director of Platform Strategy, VideoHub

Chris Whitman, Integrated Investments Manager, Universal McCann.

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