Opens Up Platform with ‘App Center’ for Video Advertisers have launched a new ‘App Center’ for video advertising in an attempt to simplify the discovery, management and integration of the various ad tech services on offer to video buyers.  The App Center allows third party developers to embed capabilities such as data, rich media, measurement and verification into the console, so the workflow is consolidated into a single interface.

“Given the complexities of the video ad landscape, the promise of TV and video advertising cannot be fulfilled by one, single company,” said Teg Grenager, co-founder and vice president of “What buyers and sellers need is a platform that aggregates all the best brand technologies and provides automated tools to manage them.”

Simplifying the Lumascape

Put simply, if you’ve ever looked at the Video Lumascape and wondered how anyone could find the time to try out even half of the ad tech services on offer, you’ll appreciate the advantages of making the selection and integration process a little less overwhelming.

The App Center also represents a shift in positioning for, from ‘marketplace’ to ‘open platform’. We’ve seen similar moves in the recent past by Appnexus and Mediamath, both of whom have opened up their platforms to allow for the easy integration of ad tech apps, although both companies have traditionally focused far more heavily on display than video (worth noting both companies do have video partnerships in place).

The Rise of the Custom Platform

The move towards more open platforms is also a reflection of the fact that smaller ad tech companies  realise they have to compete with the ad tech goliaths like Google, Adobe, Microsoft and AOL. If you can’t afford to build your own stack, it makes sense to co-operate with other vendors in the space to allow the advertiser to build a custom platform of their own using apps. The other obvious benefit is that it allows advertisers easy access to the latest ad tech innovations.

Video ad tech firm Innovid has been one of the first developers to release an app on the Platform. The App Center opens May 31, 2012.

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