Tremor Launches ‘Mobile Creative Platform’ to Simplify Mobile Campaigns

Tremor VideoTremor Video have launched ‘Mobile Creative Platform’, a toolset that enables advertisers to build and deliver interactive video creative across all mobile devices and operating systems.  The platform is designed to speed up the process of building and executing interactive mobile video campaigns for delivery across multiple screens.

Tremor explained in a statement how the variety of methods and technologies for building mobile video ads has led to a fragmented market:

This fragmentation has hindered advertisers’ ability to not only develop effective creative in a timely manner, but also deliver that creative across the mobile ecosystem while maintaining a consistent ad experience and functionality.

Interactive video ads developed in Flash are not supported on Apple devices, and new technologies like HTML5 still lack the standards necessary for consistent playback across every mobile device.

Tremor say the Mobile Creative Platform allows creative teams to ‘build their creative on an open canvas, without restricting their ideas to one particular operating system’. The platform is able to detect the device, screen size and operating system before serving an ad.

“Mobile advertisers and publishers are making great strides into new formats like HTML5, but they still have trouble delivering a consistent ad experience across the mobile landscape,” said Yichel Chan, VP and GM, Mobile and CTV for Tremor Video.

“The Mobile Creative Platform means advertisers and publishers can serve rich, engaging interactive video ads across all mobile devices. This provides the peace of mind that the ad will always look good.”

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