Worth a Look: The LA Times on Crowdsourcing Creativity

Poptent LogoOne of the main barriers to the growth of the video advertising industry, particularly in the SME market, is the cost of producing a professionally produced video ad. Even though equipment costs have plummeted, video production remains an extremely time consuming process and many ‘video ads’ today are simply repurposed TV ads. However, new creative options are opening up to brands via crowdsourcing, say the LA Times.

Poptent have been harnessing the creativity of a global community of 50,000 writers, directors, cinematographers and animators. While Poptent cater for smaller advertising budgets, the community has also had success in creating ads for brands that any major creative agency would envy, including American Airlines, Dell, Intel, Jaguar and General Mills.

While outsourcing to a ‘community’ might appear to present an element of risk, that risk is mitigated by the choice of ads on offer:

“The old-world process is so different from our process,” Poptent CEO Andy Jedynak said. “It used to be that [a brand and ad agency would] step through concepts, storyboards, scripting. It’s tough to get through to the point when you got a spot done.”

“We equip a world of passionate creators to go independently, without micromanaging them, to come up with a complete end product,” Jedynak said. “So for our brands and their agency clients, they’ll sit in a room and they’ll watch 20, 30, 40 completed commercials — many of them are ready to air. “

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