IAB Lauch ‘Rising Stars’ Contest for Video Advertising

In recent years the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has used its ‘Rising Stars’ contests to introduce new ad units. The idea is that anyone in the industry can suggest innovative solutions that use new technologies and/or are likely to lead to larger ad spends. Today the IAB launched a new Rising Stars competition devoted to digital video.

The Rising Stars contests for display and mobile ads have already led to some interesting ad units. With display, the general theme was that bigger ad units help to combat banner blindness and provide more room for rich media, while also providing a more interesting and aesthetically pleasing experience for the consumer. You’ve probably seen some of these ad formats already. For example, you may have noticed the large ads strapped across the top of YouTube’s homepage over the last year or so, known as the ‘billboard’.

The IAB is hoping entrants will come up with similar innovations this time around with video.  “We call on the entire ecosystem to do for digital video ad formats what we have done for display and mobile advertising through the Rising Stars program,” said Randall Rothenberg, President and CEO, IAB. “With these new formats, we will be creating advertising experiences in digital video that are as good or better than traditional broadcast.”

The IAB is calling on companies and individuals to submit digital video ad units to a selection process led by a cross-disciplinary group that includes agency creative directors, media executives, and ad operations specialists. The group will judge the ad units for their potential to drive brand equity at scale. The submissions will be evaluated on the following criteria:

User Experience – How well does the ad format positively impact user experience?

Branding – How well does the ad format provide a canvas for brand creativity?

Functionality – How does the ad format take advantage of digital video user behaviors and technologies?

Integration – How does the ad format enhance the relationship between the ad and publisher content?

Adoption – How easily could the ad format be adopted across the digital video ecosystem?

Submissions for the new digital video Rising Stars ad units will be accepted until June 30. At the turn of the year, a set of Digital Video Rising Stars ad units will be selected and subsequently tested in market. After the testing and evaluation, the Rising Stars will have the chance to be adopted as part of the IAB Standard Ad Unit Portfolio, the definitive set of advertising standards for the digital industry.


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