Orange to Bring Second Screen App TVCheck to UK

TVCheck, OrangeOrange will be bringing its second screen app, TVCheck, across the English Channel for its UK launch next month.  TVCheck has been doing relatively well already in France, with 100,000 downloads, and the smartphone device will be available for Apple and Android devices.

TVCheck will be available for all 25 of the UK’s free-to-air channels and will compete against Zeebox, GetGlue and Miso, although TVCheck relies on slightly different technology.  Whereas its competitors all depend on sound or by selecting the correct station in order to identify the programme the user is watching, TVCheck users identify the show by pointing their camera at the TV.

TVCheck is similar in some respects to Foursquare, in that users can become the ‘masters’ (that’s the literal translation from the French version) of channels or individual programmes.

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