Shazam’s David Jones on the Move to the Second Screen


Next week Shazam will be one of the most eagerly anticipated companies represented at the IP&TV World Forum (London, 20-22 March). With 180 million users spread across 200 countries around the world, Shazam is one of the most well-known brands in the mobile ecosystem. David Jones, EVP Marketing, explains how Shazam is evolving into more than just a song recognition app and is evolving into a fully-fledged second screen service. Full disclosure: VAN is a media partner with IP&TV World Forum.

Most people know Shazam as the music discovery app. What exactly is Shazam for TV?

Shazam started in 2000 as a revolutionary service designed to connect people with music they heard, but didn’t know.  Twelve years later, Shazam is now one of the world’s most recognized mobile consumer brands.

While music is at the core of Shazam’s DNA, Shazam for TV gives people an interactive “second screen” experience on their phone or tablet.  TV shows that include the on-screen prompt connect viewers to additional information and content about the TV shows, sometimes exclusive, and for TV advertisements that are Shazam-enabled, views can get more info and special offers on their favourite brands.

How have content owners responded to the second screen opportunities and who are you working with?

Shazam has worked with popular shows and leading broadcasters to create a custom second-screen experience that drives a deeper engagement with their viewers helping them extend their programming to mobile devices. The more that people engage in additional content and info about a show, the more likely they are to watch the next episode and talk about it with their friends, which keeps viewership and ratings up, and the advertising and sponsor revenues flowing in.
Current shows in the US that are Shazam-enabled include Syfy’s hit show, Being Human, as well as selected episodes of USA’s popular show Psych and E!’s guilty pleasure, The Soup. The Super Bowl was a recent Shazam for TV flagship live event for Shazam that showcased all aspects of our media discovery service:

One third of all ads were Shazam-enabled, including Toyota (who gave away 2 cars), Best Buy ($50 gift card), Pepsi (video of X-Factor winner), Bud Light (who gave away 1 million tracks). The halftime show featuring Madonna, LMFAO and others was Shazam-enabled to see the set list, download Madonna App, download the free track giveaway. And people could use Shazam with the game to access stats and polling.

Will second screen style activities always be dependent on the user using another device, or will connected TVs enable users to use services like Shazam directly from their TV?

The advantage of mobile as the second screen for interactive TV is that: mobile is already at scale; 87% of TV viewers with a smartphone are already multi-tasking with their mobile device while watching TV; the interaction is completely personal and not disruptive to others that might be in the room; and finally, the mobile device as a second screen is always with you wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.  Say you and your family or a friend are watching a program that you really love – if you want to access the additional content, it’s easy to use the Shazam App on your phone without interrupting their viewing experience.  The picture doesn’t get smaller as you scroll through options – it’s all right there on your phone or tablet.  And, because that tag result lives on in your tag list, you can go back to it either as you watch, or maybe the next day when you’re on the train going to work, or in-line waiting for your coffee.

How does Shazam differentiate itself from the other second screen services?

Shazam is more than a simple “check-in” experience to tell your friends what you’re watching.  In addition to social sharing on Facebook and Twitter, Shazam extends the viewer’s engagement with the show or brand, enabling them to access additional content such as behind-the-scenes footage, bloopers, and other exciting content, as well as a wealth of other features like wallpaper, links to buy merchandise from the show or even to purchase box sets of previous seasons. For brands, help consumers access special offers, get more information, find a location nearby to buy the product, or shopping from the couch.

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