Peel Enter The Race for the Second Screen

Peel LogoPeel, the Texas-based TV remote control app company,  have added second screen engagement functionality to their Peel app. Its pilot run coincides with American Idol Finalist episodes and users will be able to watch the show by cheering and booing with the audience, rating the performances, judging the judges, and predicting the results – including which unlucky contestant will be voted off the show that week.

Each week, Peel will be sharing the results from the American Idol Experience, including the Leaderboard results and a qualitative graph of highlights (cheers) and lowlights (boos) from the show. The Leaderboard will tell an illustrative story of how the Peel community feels about the performances, contestants, judges’ feedback and overall show outcome.  Users will also be able to tap a button to easily access the iTunes music store and download their favorite performances from the show.

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