Videoplaza Launch Device-Agnostic Video Ad Platform

Videoplaza KarbonVideoplaza, the sell side video ad management platform, has launched ‘Karbon’, which they say is the first device aware ad platform, which enables publishers to monetise their video content across any connected device. Sorosh Tavakoli, CEO of Videoplaza, said, “The demand for video content beyond the PC is real but so is the struggle publishers are currently facing to ensure effective monetisation. Media owners need a clear strategy and technology to support them as they implement a device agnostic approach.”

“Karbon offers media owners a complete solution for managing video monetisation, along with the peace of mind that they can target any new devices coming to market. We anticipate 50% of our traffic will be generated by non-PC devices in 2013, driven by publisher and consumer demand,” he added.

Karbon creates a single workflow for delivery of ads to multiple devices and according to the press release includes the following functionality:

  • The Device Library – a catalogue of 7000+ device profiles and counting, ensuring compliance with all current and future devices. Each profile is defined by its hardware and software including the AV Codec, bit rate and resolution.
  • The Asset Factory – automatically transcodes each asset for each device and ensures the right asset ends up on the right device every time.
  • Native Device Dimension – a device layer added natively to all existing modules of the platform across campaign management including forecasting, targeting and reporting
  • Cross Device Campaign Targeting – Enabling the publisher to sell one audience across devices, including unique user capability, or to target audience per device – providing complete flexibility to adapt to the approach of the publisher or broadcaster.

Videoplaza say the first clients using the platform have seen operational efficiencies of around 30%, but they say the real value lies in giving publishers ‘the freedom to constantly grow out their video services and advertising offerings to new devices with little effort’.

Arnaud Moutet, Head of Ad Ops at M6, said, “However compelling for our advertiser clients, selling one audience across devices has proved complicated for us. Now Videoplaza are launching a solution that removes that complexity and supports our strategy of being available on any device. We are extremely excited about Karbon and our first impressions have been beyond anything else we’ve seen in the market.”.

Last month Videoplaza secured $12 Million USD venture funding to accelerate the company’s global expansion and product development plans. Available now, Karbon serves advertising on all leading devices and services including Flash, Silverlight, HTML5, iOS devices, Android, Sony Playstation, Samsung Smart TVs, and closed IPTV environments.

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