Adobe Announces Integrated Video Publishing, Advertising and Analytics Platform

Adobe LogoAdobe have unveiled an integrated video technology platform, code named Project Primetime, which Adobe says will ‘enable smooth, TV-like experiences for ad-supported videos across web-connected devices’. The platform will be integrated with Auditude, the video ad serving company Adobe acquired late last year. Adobe says the new platform will deliver video and ad content consistently across all major platforms, including Apple iOS (suggesting the new platform won’t be Flash-based), Google Android, desktop operating systems and connected TVs.

Adobe says Primetime will allow for dynamic ad insertion into any content type including linear, live or on-demand across web-connected devices, and the platfrom will also be integrated with Adobe Digital Marketing Suite.

“Primetime Highlights” will be available from today and will integrate a web-based video clip editor with the Adobe Auditude ad platform, which will provide a single workflow for creating and monetizing live video clips.

Video publishers are able to deliver ad supported clips that are instantly available – even while an event is still ongoing – which will make content more timely and less expensive to produce. Users will effectively be able to give users a live TV experience in terms of integrating ad transitions on the fly.

Read the full press release here.

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