TubeMogul Gives OneLoad a Home of its Own

OneLoad TubemogulTubemogul have given its video distribution service, OneLoad, its own dedicated website to draw a clearer line between the Tubemogul and OneLoad brands. Tubemogul have been repositioning the company for a while now in a bid to establish themselves as an RTB video buying platform first and foremost. From the Tubemogul site:

The impetus for the move is to give OneLoad its own identity independent of TubeMogul, a brand that steadily shifted its meaning in the past year as the company’s real-time media buying platform for video ads grew rapidly with brand advertisers and trading desks. OneLoad will no longer be accessible from, which is now exclusively dedicated to the company’s flagship video ad platform.

In Tubemogul’s early days, they were a company who appeared to be able to do the impossible – being able to distribute video to various platforms from one point of access was incredibly useful when broadband speeds were slower and the term ‘video standards’ didn’t seem to exist. Each video site also had incredibly specific requirements and even when you read the small-print for the specs, twice, your upload to each site would often fail for one reason or another. Tubemogul seemed like an almost magical solution and as new platforms continue to emerge, there’s no doubt the service will continue to have value as OneLoad. But this move is in all likelihood more about Tubemogul’s identity than OneLoad’s.

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