TV Rise 2017

TV Rise 2017, San Sebastian

TV Rise returns again in 2017 after what was an exceptionally successful first event in 2016. The conference is a ‘Davos-style’ event that brings together a select group of 50 of the leading players in TV advertising, including brands, agencies, broadcasters, TV operators and ad tech companies.

The aim of the event is to create a private and intimate setting for industry leaders to identify the opportunities for cross-industry collaboration on pushing TV advertising forward in a way that benefits all stakeholders.

Here’s what some of last year’s attendees had to say about the event:

Sebastian Robin, Global Programmatic Director, Havas Media

Sebastien RobinTV Rise was a wonderful event for a variety of reasons. The seniority of the people invited allowed for extremely insightful and rich discussions about programmatic TV. Having a smaller number of attendees allowed us to create more meaningful connections with one another. The venues were absolutely wonderful and the relaxed environment helped make everyone feel more comfortable about speaking freely about current and upcoming challenges, whether those challenges were at an industry level or within our own organisations.

Clive Page, Yield & Data Controller, Sky Adsmart

TV Rise was a great event to attend. Not only did it give access to the key stakeholders from all points in the advertising supply chain, but it was also set against the backdrop of beautiful venues and superb cuisine. The agenda was well managed with carefully considered, pertinent topics which meant that everyone was fully engaged. It was a good way of developing my understanding of some new and emerging technologies and business practices. The event also helped me build relationships with those who I share a common interest, and it also turned up some interesting new opportunities, some of which I had not previously considered.

Video Ad News will also be filming some of the sessions that will feature as part of ‘TV Week’. Our title sponsor for both TV Week and TV Rise is IPONWEB, who will also there to explain the pioneering work they have been doing on programmatic TV.

We’ll be announcing more on speakers and attendees in the coming weeks, but some of the confirmed attendees include:

  • Dave Morgan, CEO, Simulmedia
  • Daniel Bischoff, CMO RTL AdConnect
  • Kevin McGurne, CSO, Vevo
  • Adam Helfgott, CEO, MadHive
  • Brian Golbere, General Manager, IPONWEB
  • Danny Hopwood, EVP Programmatic, Publicis Media
  • Scott Siegler, SVP of Engineering, Cox Media Solutions
  • Dominic Shelley, VP of Digital Innovation, Hilton
  • Hossein Houssaini, Global Director of Programmatic Solutions, Havas
  • Ciaran O’Kane, CEO, Exchangewire
  • Bichoi Bastha, Chief Ad Tech Officer, Dailymotion



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