Meet the Google Intern Who Left to Start His Own Business and Kept Google as a Client

Each year at the Cannes Lions we like to devote at least one interview to creativity, which is of course the festival’s core focus. This year we had the good fortune of being introduced to one of the most interesting emerging young creators, Jordan Richards, who has founded the RCCO creative agency. Just 21 one years old, Richards has followed an unconventional path towards starting his own company. He bypassed university and is mainly self-taught, yet he managed to get on Google’s internship programme.

Once the internship finished, he set up his own company and is continuing to work with six of Google’s divisions, including YouTube and Google, and has managed to bag other major clients since, including King and Gucci. Here Richards tells his story and explains how many brands need to be thinking in terms of three second timeframes if they are to capture the attention of millennials. Filmed at the Cannes Lions Festival 2018.

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