Sky launches Channel 5 on AdSmart, Will Offer Sky Q to Broadband-Only Households in 2018

Sky announced today that Viacom-owned Channel 5 will become the first public service broadcast channel to be added to its Sky AdSmart portfolio. Sky signed a deal to represent Viacom’s ad sales in 2015, which at the time were thought to be worth £250 million, and the channel will join other Viacom-owned networks such as Comedy Central and MTV who have already adopted AdSmart.

Sky Media say the total number of channels available for targeting on AdSmart is just shy of 100 (many of that 100 include the +1, SD, HD and +1 variants, so the number of standalone channel brands is actually closer to 50) and Sky say advertisers can choose from over 1400 targeting attributes, with 7,500 campaigns in the UK having been delivered to date. Interestingly, Sky say that 75 percent of customers being either new to TV or new to Sky Media. This is largely because improved targeting has made TV advertising more efficient for advertisers who don’t necessarily want or need national reach. For example, an ecommerce store might only want to target ads to regions where they deliver.

Since its acquisition by Viacom in 2014, the Channel 5 channels has increased its share of overall TV viewing in the UK and also increased its appeal amongst 16-34s and ABC1s, thanks to consecutive ‘double digit’ annual increases in content spend. In 2016, the Channel 5 network of channels increased share of viewing amongst 16 to 34-year-olds by 11 percent and amongst ABC1s by 3 percent helping Viacom to grow share for both audiences across its UK portfolio.

Sky also announced today that they are to make Sky Q available to broadband-only homes in 2018, which could be particularly interesting as it would effectively be an IP-delivered ‘full version’ of the Sky’s service. Sky Media weren’t willing to comment on the implications for TV advertising at the time of writing, but serving everything over IP will undoubtedly simplify Sky’s cross-screen proposition, whilst also opening up more opportunities for the possible use of advertiser-owned data sets.

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