Do We Really Need Hyper-Targeting on TV?

Do We Really Need Hyper-Targeting on TV?Earlier this year P&G controversially announced they would be reducing spend on Facebook, saying that the social platform’s targeting limited their reach. Whilst some say the announcement was a strategic one by one of the world’s largest brand advertisers, aimed at pushing back against Facebook, many agree that hyper-targeting can only do so much for scale-hungry brand advertisers. All of which has implication for the TV industry, particularly as the leading players move closer towards making their inventory more addressable. Last month at New Video Frontiers we invited three industry leaders to discuss the role addressability was likely to play.

Moderator: Matt O’Neill, Consultant, Teemo

Simon Daglish, Deputy Commercial Director, ITV
Lyndsey Clay, CEO, Thinkbox
Marco Bertozzi, Global CRO, Performics

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