Programmatic TV Will Move Forward in Europe the Next 12 to 18 Months, with the UK Taking the Lead

From the outside, it might seem that progress on programmatic TV advertising in Europe has been painfully slow. Whilst this is partly due to the fact that most of the markets are heavily dominated by a handful of players who are happy with the status quo, by all accounts even the most technologically conservative of broadcasters are now waking up to the fact that programmatic TV advertising isn’t really a choice any more, and to the fact that it’s more of an opportunity than a threat to their businesses. Here Chip Scovic, Chief Revenue Officer for TubeMogul, says how his company started to see meaningful discussions with European broadcasters at Dmexco this year.

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  • seb_robin_havas

    so, this is not the buy side driving PTV adooption but the sell side as he explains at the very end of discussion..
    Again, as the TV ad market ain’t broken (anyone think he is, then please tell me why ?) , then PTV is an opportunity for buy side, whereas in the meantime, TV average consumption declining is a reality and a threat for broadcaster..which is why they are trying new solutions to better monetize their inventory…and unless we have scaled solutions to buy from, PTV will not grow fast in Europe (except UK with sky)