The Opportunities and Challenges of Using Video Advertising in Messaging Environments #Video@Dmexco

KweakIn the days when SMS once seemed so dominant, few could have predicted that messaging would have changed so much and that the new messaging services would become so influential as platforms for everything from media to ecommerce. In just a few weeks, a new European service called ‘Kweak‘ will be launched by Berlin-based holding company Castaclip, who also work in video syndication and have a personalised content recommendation engine. Kweak will focus heavily on the visual aspects of communication and will allow users to use text, audio and video to allow users to “remix” elements of their message with emotional effects, which they say will enable users to convey a deeper meaning than conventional text. At Dmexco VAN spoke to Ekow Yankah, Kweak’s founder and CEO, about the commercial model and the role that advertising could play in a messaging platform, where traditional ‘interruptive’ advertising could be unwelcome if not implemented correctly.

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