Can Shoppable Video Finally Scale?

Walmart Click to ShopShoppable video – as in video ads where you can interact with and buy products that appear in the video – is a topic that seems to rear its head every once in a while before quietly disappearing again. However, we might now be reaching a point where it could enter the mainstream. YouTube have been experimenting with it for a couple of years now, as have creative tech companies like Brainient. Then Amazon have also been trialling it this year and announced last week that they would be integrating content and ecommerce even more deeply in the future.

However, up until now many of these platforms have been limited to specific platforms. This might be about to change to as more open solutions emerge. One recent example, announced today, is the partnership between ad tech company Sizmek and Fuisz Video, a provider of interactive video solutions, to serve what they call ‘object level interactive videos’.

Fuisz have developed object-recognition technology, which marketers can use to create click-responsive video ad experiences that allow viewers to interact directly with specific objects, characters and scenes within a video.

If you look at this example from Walmart, you’ll notice you can:

  1. Customize product and shop using the Walmart shopping API integration
  2. Watch more Pioneer Women content
  3. Learn more about the collection or connect via social
  4. Search for the nearest Walmart store

Walmart Click to Shop

Fuisz say these experiences are more intuitive than a standard overlay and bridge the gap between brand and performance, or between the top and lower parts of the funnel if you prefer, moving the viewer from being a passive consumer of advertising to being an active participant.

When it comes to the set up, the original video file doesn’t have to be shot in a particular way and Fuisz’s tech enables you to convert regular video assets into click-responsive video. Viewers are then able to intuitively select items and engage with specific elements of the creative to access product information, add merchandise to their wish list or shopping cart, or find the nearest location to buy.

Sizmek say the tech also has potential to be use by marketers in ways that go beyond e-commerce:

· Auto brands can enable audiences to click on car features or technology to learn more, as well as surface local offers and dealer locations

· Entertainment companies and video game publishers can enable audiences to click on characters to learn more about them or the actors.

· QSR and other food and beverage brands can let consumers interact directly with food items on the video, and engage with recipes, menus, how-to videos and coupons, right inside the ad.

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