Major Gaps Between Buy and Sell-Side Perceptions of What Defines Premium Video

When it comes to defining premium, publishers place more emphasis on viewability as a hallmark of quality video than advertisers and agencies do, according to new a study* by Forrester Research commissioned by Teads, a video ad tech company that specialises in outstream formats. Just 35 percent of advertisers said that viewability was one of the main traits of premium video inventory. The quality of the editorial content, the quality of the media brand and the quality of data supplied for targeting were all regarded as more important by brands. Agencies were even less concerned than their clients are with viewability and it didn’t feature in their top four considerations when it came do defining premium.

You can see how each of the three groups responded in the graph below:

Perceptions of Premium Video Advertising

Interestingly, agencies see even more potential for outstream video advertising than publishers do, with 77 percent of agencies reporting that outstream video ads will become more important to their clients’ overall advertising portfolio.

When it came to what’s holding video advertising back on the sell-side, some familiar themes emerged. Many publishers are struggling with ROI as they continue to try and produce all of their content in house. The shortage of supply has also resulted in a lack of focus on video, with 40 percent saying that video is too small a part of their overall revenues to dedicate sales or traffic manager resources to it.

Things aren’t much better on the buy-side, and the challenges of buying vidoe are leading to an approach to video advertising that is more conservative than most would like. A majority of agencies (57 percent) only buy video selectively through manual buying or private marketplaces. On the creative side, 52 percent repurpose existing video assets rather than produce specific online content, while almost one in three (31 percent) simply choose to pursue opportunities other than video.

Research Methods

Forrester conducted a survey with 529 representatives from advertisers, agencies, and media companies in Argentina, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, the UK and the US, as well as six qualitative interviews.

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