NewFronts Day Three: YouTube Flaunts Its Youthful Audiences, Hulu to Launch New Ad Formats

Day three of the NewFronts saw high profile events from YouTube and Hulu. Here’s an overview of what happened:


YouTube’s ‘Brandcast’ NewFront focused less on content announcements, and more on YouTube as a platform. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said that the platform’s mobile traffic alone surpasses the reach of any of the US cable network. Robert Kyncl, YouTube’s VP and Global Head of Business, also took a swipe at the TV industry, predicting that the majority of ad-supported video viewing will occur on mobile devices. “That shift requires partnering with a new set of players,” he said.

One thing YouTube was showcasing was its youthful audience. Hundreds of enthusiastic teenage fans were invited to the event which featured musical performances from Nate Ruess, Bruno Mars, and Mark Ronson.


Hulu announced that it was introducing some new ad formats. The ‘n-Stream Purchase Unit’ will allow users to make purchases within the platform. Hulu will be trialling the unit with Pizza Hut and consumers will be able to to make an order for pick-up or delivery without ever leaving the Hulu environment. Viewers will then be able to immediately pick up where they left off once their order is placed. Hulu will also be making their ‘interactive ad experiences’ available across all platforms and devices, and the ‘Hulu 360 Ad’ for mobile will be launched in conjunction with Immersive Media, whose technology will power the formats.

Hulu also announced a deal with AMC Networks that will include all episodes of a spin-off from the hugely successful “The Walking Dead”, and a licensing deal that will give Hulu exclusive access to the entire run of “Seinfeld” from Sony Pictures Television. That deal alone is thought to be worth approximately $180 million and the episodes will premiere in June.

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